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Take a closer look at our Advertisers - We asked them about their business.


1.     Describe your business: Legacy provides an open forum for women to discuss any issues in their lives which has caused them pain.


2.    What is the best thing about it? Totally confidential. Non professional women helping other women


3.     Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years? The main purpose of Legacy is to see women who have come through the program leading other women out of their dis-functions & hurts.


4.     Can you describe your ideal customer? Utterly broken. They feel there is no way passed their issues.


5.    Why do your customers select you over your competitors? Voluntary & free.

No professionals getting paid. Women sharing with others about the same or similar issues. Testimonies from women who have gone through the program being healed from suicidal tendencies, loneliness, desertion, all manner of abuses, drug addictions. The list goes on.


6.     Why did you choose to advertise with CoffeeNews? Distribution network & exposure. I felt we could get out message out to women who would otherwise not be exposed to what we do.


7.         Do you have any special deals or tips for CoffeeNews readers who may be interested in your services? The program is free, completely confidential and more than likely there’s  a venue close to your home.

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Host Families

Giovana started Host Families NZ Limited in 2010. After learning more about her market, she created a strategy to improve and grow the market of home stay families in New Zealand. Giovana personally does the homestay inspection, meets with schools and agents, and takes pride in overseeing the whole operation.  If you are interested in being a host family, learning about a new culture and earning an extra income check out


or email directly on



Elysium Spa And Beauty

Elysium Spa And Beauty is great because the owner Jameela Kelly really cares about her clients. She is fun, knowledgeable and caring in all the right ways. Originally from Thailand and educated in New Zealand, her blend of both worlds makes this beauty clinic a great place to book your next beauty appointment.

Its your one stop shop with services including:






and more


Elysium Spa and Beauty
36 Oranga Ave
One Tree Hill
P: 09 963 4744
M: 027 522 9727